Grip Tape

Ankert Customs is proud to offer our brand of grip tape made from only the highest grade textured materials and 3m adhesive. We don’t believe in compromise when it comes to the grip of your service, duty, competition, or defense firearm. The material we use is a textured flexible plastic with an industrial adhesive backing. The surface will not wear and fall apart like common skate board tape, stays deep black in color, weather/oil resistant, and can be removed as one piece to be replaced or if no longer needed.

Did we mention how aggressive the grip is!!!??? Definitely not for the sensitive operator but also will not tear your hands apart after a day of training or at the range. Every grip tape kit is sold with our Zombie Apocalypse packaging, because we are that confident if you only had one set of tape left to put on your end of the world Zombie duty gun; this would be it. Perfect for active duty, competition, Home defense. Not recommended for in the waist band or close to body concealment carry due to surface aggressiveness.


1.  Thoroughly clean firearm or surface to be applied of any contaminants and wipe down the area with rubbing alcohol.

2.  Allow area to fully dry out, especially on polymer GLOCK frames.

3.  Without removing adhesive backing, check the fit and finish of the grip tape to your specific firearm.  Mark and trim as necessary with sharp high tolerance scissors. Most grip tape sets require no modification prior to install, but use this time to figure out the placement of the tape decal.

4.  If you are installing our 1911 set you must align the bottom magazine notch with the notch on the front of your frame. wrap the decal around the frame and trace with a pencil the middle frame cut out onto the backside of the decal. trim this cut out area away so now the decal perfectly matches your specific manufacturer’s 1911 frame. Any gap at the bottom of the frame will later be covered by the grip panels.

5.   Check and re-check fitment. When comfortable remove backing and place decal grip tape into the desired position. Press firmly throughout the decal once in place. The adhesive is pressure sensitive. Make sure you place the decal correctly the first time, the adhesive does not have full potential if removed and reinstalled.

6. You now have to most durable toughest grip tape on the market. For 1911 owners, re-intall your grip panels over the tape. It’s now time to go Shooting!!!

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